The San Bernardino International Airport Authority Commission adopted a resolution certifying the Environmental Impact Report (EIR) for an air cargo logistics center known as the Eastgate Building 1 Project on Oct. 26, a move that will create up to 3,880 new jobs at the airport.

The Eastgate project affects approximately 101.5 acres of vacant land at the San Bernardino International Airport north of Taxiway E, west of Hangar Way and south of Third Street in the city of San Bernardino.

Certification of the EIR helps facilitate the development of this project expected to generate more than 3,880 new aviation-related jobs to this region.

According to San Bernardino International Airport Authority, Eastgate project will open operations in two phases.

In 2019, opening day operations of this center would include 12 take-offs and landings per day. A projected build out will expand to 26 per day within five years.

On opening day the center is projected to require three shifts of 608 employees for a total of 1,824 employees each day. Each shift will have 516 warehouse employees, 172 ramp employees and 20 support employees. During the 6-week peak season shifts will grow to 936 employees each.

Following the 2024 expansion, operations will grow to require shifts of 1,295 employees each for a total of 3,885 jobs created.

San Bernardino International Airport Authority also expects to benefit from increases in aviation-related revenue such as ground rentals, landing fees and fuel fees.

A certified EIR is required prior to obtaining building permits from the city of San Bernardino. It is anticipated that this project will be constructed over the upcoming year.

The project developer, Hillwood Enterprises, L.P., plans to build this center to include a 658,500-square-foot distribution center, 25,000-square-foot maintenance building, onsite infrastructure to support the aircraft operations and two new bridges to provide site access to Third Street.

The project will also construct 16 aircraft parking positions, 1,999 employee parking stalls, 50 ground service equipment charging stations and 150 electric ground service equipment parking stalls.

“Economic revitalization of the former Norton Air Force Base is in full speed,” Supervisor James Ramos said in a press release.

“I applaud SBIAA staff for their work with Hillwood Enterprises to develop this project and bring these unique job opportunities to a community where it can have the most impact. This is an exciting day.”

“The Eastgate Building 1 Project is a significant milestone for our 16-year public-private partnership with Hillwood, further connecting new air cargo facilities at Alliance-California and SBD International Airport to the world,” Mike Burrows, director of SBIAA, said.

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