Karen DiCarlo

Karen DiCarlo, executive director of Santa Claus Inc. reports to the Kiwanis Club of Highland on Thursday, Jan. 29.

Santa Claus Inc. has added something new to its services: the Friends of Santa Claus Inc.

Speaking to the Kiwanis Club of Highland on Thursday, Jan. 29, Santa Claus Inc. Executive Director Karen DiCarlo said the organization is partnering with other nonprofit agencies in this fundraising arm.

Santa Claus Inc. serves the needy, not only at Christmas, but year round, delivering to over 25,000 last year, she said.

She added they have given 27,000 pairs of Skechers shoes to schools in the area, and expect to make that 30,000 pairs this year.

They have gifts pouring in from many major stores, and expect that to increase with the partnership with 35 to 40 other nonprofit agencies.

She showed many of the donations, including home made clothes, quilts and toys that are donated for the less fortunate.

The organization plans to add a distribution in the spring this year, DiCarlo said.

“We’re looking for volunteers,” she added. With so many donations and so many clients, there is need for more people to help out.

She said they get over a million dollars worth of in-kind donations.

Their store is open every Wednesday and the first Friday of each month at 824 East 6th St., San Bernardino.

The Kiwanis Club of Highland meets Thursdays at 7 a.m. at Coco’s Restaurant, 2442 East Highland Ave., San Bernardino.

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I am very impressed by the way of charity behind the name of santa claus. Such a big amount of donation which is listed in paper writing of this feature shows the passion behind this work of the organization.

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