San Bernardino County is closer to moving into the moderate (orange) tier if it holds recent trends for two weeks.

On Sunday, March 14, the county’s daily new case rate per 100,000 residents dropped to 3.88, which is within the orange tier’s maximum of 3.9 cases. The county’s percent positive has been in the orange tier for the past month at less than 4.9 percent.

If the county holds these trends, more businesses could open in the coming weeks with modifications, including bars resuming outdoor service, bowling alleys at 25 percent capacity, breweries outdoors and indoors at 25 percent capacity and indoor pools at gyms.

As of March 23, San Bernardino County recorded 289,892 total cases, up 960 from last week’s 288,932. The county recorded 284,877 recoveries, up 987 from last week’s 283,890. A total of 3,704 deaths have been recorded, up 173 from last week’s 3,531. The case fatality rate remained at 1.2 percent.

The 166 hospital patients are down 25 from the previous week’s 191. The patients are using 6.6 percent of the beds, down from the previous week’s 8 percent. The county recorded 39 positive ICU patients, down four from the previous week. COVID-19 patients are occupying 8.7 percent of these beds. ICU availability continues to rise at 39.6 percent.

Highland recorded 7.941 total cases with total death count of 115.

According to John Hopkins University, San Bernardino County is seventh in total COVID-19 cases out of the country’s 3,143 counties. Riverside County is sixth with 293,149 cases. Los Angeles County has the most with over 1 million cases.

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