San Francisco—In response to the release of bills advancing California’s Cap-and-Trade program, key progressive business leaders released the following statements, and are available for comment/interviews on the issues.


Mike Mielke, Sr. Vice President, Energy and Environment

**Represents more than 400 of Silicon Valley’s most respected employers, providing nearly one of every three private sector jobs in Silicon Valley and contributing more than $3 trillion to the worldwide economy.

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group's Sr. Vice President, Energy and Environment, Mike Mielke, released the following statement in response to the proposed bills to advance California's Cap-and-Trade Program in the state legislature.

"California's Cap-and-Trade Program and complimentary air quality measures are the state's most effective tools to reduce emissions and ensure all Californians have access to healthy air, while also maintaining market certainty and increasing economic vitality, which is critical as we transition our economy away from one based on coal, oil and gas, to one that runs on renewable energy.

“Our member companies employ hundreds of thousands of Californians and depend on stable and long-term price signals to continue investments and grow jobs. We support the bill package put forth to strengthen and advance the Cap-and-Trade Program and address important air quality issues, and appreciate the negotiation efforts, which have resulted in a proposal that maintains the integrity of the program while balancing the needs of the business community.

"Maximizing investments in carbon reduction technologies creates jobs and drives economic growth. This is a high priority for our members, and we hope the legislature will move swiftly to pass this legislation and help continue California's clean energy leadership and strong job growth.”


Kirsten James, Director, California Policy and Partnerships

**Works with the most influential investors and companies in California and around the world to build sustainability leadership and drive solutions throughout the economy.

Kirsten James, Director of California Policy and Partnerships at Ceres released the following statement in response to the proposed bills strengthening the Cap-and-Trade Program.

“At a time of tremendous business uncertainty in the United States due to federal policy changes, we commend California’s continued climate change leadership, and the move to improve the Cap-and-Trade Program in a manner that provides critical price signals and certain and quantifiable greenhouse gas emission reductions.

“Companies and investors within our networks know that climate leadership is good for business and the economy, and we strongly encourage California lawmakers to pass the proposed bill advancing Cap-and-Trade.

"This program, along with important direct emission reduction rules like the Low-Carbon Fuel Standard, ensures that California's economy will continue to grow, spurring business and job generation across the state."


Steve Frisch, President

**Non-profit network serving small businesses in the Sierra Nevada region, working to increase community vitality and economic prosperity.

Steve Frisch, President of the Sierra Business Council responded to the bills advancing Cap-and-Trade with the following statement:

“California’s Cap-and-Trade Program has been remarkably successful, reducing emissions and driving positive economic impacts to diverse regions. On behalf of small- and medium-sized businesses in Northern California, the Sierra Business Council supports this bill to advance the Program.

“Strengthening the program allows the state to build on existing success with the flexibility to generate greater emissions reductions over time, while building the revenue needed to drive clean energy innovation and investments for urban and rural communities.”

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