Ready to charge

One of three electric vehicle charging stations installed at city hall on Thursday, Jan. 2.

The city of Highland’s newly installed electric vehicle charging stations at City Hall, 27215 Base Line, went operational on Thursday, Jan. 2.

The ChargePoint stations were approved in April 2019, and the project included the design, construction and five years of operation and maintenance services. Eighty percent of the approximately $260,000 project was funded by a Southern California Incentive Project CALeVIP grant. The city funded its portion of the project with its AQMD Motor Vehicle Subvention Program AB2766 fund and grant funds.

To help generate revenue to cover Southern California Edison costs of charging and to promote vehicle turnover at the stations, the city approved fees for vehicle charging during the Dec. 10 city council meeting. The fees were set at 35 cents per kilowatt-hour the first hour and 35 cents per kwh plus $2 per hour after the first hour.

Edison charges the city an average of 24 cents per kwh. Based on a study that estimated that each of the three charging stations will be used by the public 1.5 hours per day, the city expects to pay $1,134 a month in energy charges and $109 a month in meter charges.ChargePoint also charges $775 per month in maintenance and operations fees and $110 a month in Cloud service fees, but these have been prepaid for the first five years.

In total the city expects operating the charging stations to cost $1,408 per month. The fee structure for use of the stations is expected to generate $1,653 per month. The positive balance will be used to offset anticipated expenditure increases.

According to Public Works Director Ernie Wong, the city’s rates are very competitive. Based on a study of 17 nearby charging facilities, Highland’s rates are higher then four free charging stations but equal to or lower than the remaining 13 locations.

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