The county of San Bernardino released guidelines Monday, June 15, for nail salons, tattoo studios, body waxing and other personal services to reopen on Friday, June 19, after the state allowed the county to move into Stage 3 of California’s four-stage reopening plan. If businesses providing any of the aforementioned services meets the guidelines set by county and state officials they will be allowed to reopen on Friday.

The guidelines include employees wearing a face covering at all times throughout the entire interaction with customers. Customers also must wear face coverings at all times while in the facility, except when the face covering must be removed for the performance of services involving the face. The business should provide clean face coverings for staff and make them available to customers, if possible.

The businesses are required to contact customers before visits to confirm appointments and ask if they or someone in their household is exhibiting any COVID-19 symptoms. If the customer answers yes, the business is required to reschedule the appointment.

The county said, “Communications can be also be done via phone, app, email or text to remind customers that they should only come to the facility for their appointment if they do not pose a health risk to other customers or workers.”

The county is also ordering businesses to implement pre-screening protocols and ensure physical distancing protocols, along with considering the suspension of walk-in appointment availability. The county also recommends workers change their own clothes after each customer or by wearing scrubs or a clean, launderable or disposable smock, if available. The business should have a hard-surfaced, non-porous chair or large hard-surfaced or plastic basket for clients to put their clothes on or in.

Amenities, including magazines, art books, coffee, water, self-serve stations (unless touchless) and other items for customers, must be removed from reception areas to help reduce touch points and customer interactions.

Food or beverages at work stations or in treatment rooms will not be allowed.

The county thanked all the businesses – and the customers who will patronize these businesses – for following public health safety guidelines. They also said “as businesses continue to open, we need to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19 by wearing face coverings, practicing physical distancing and washing hands when entering a business (or facility).”

To see the full state guidelines regarding personal services go to

The state is not yet allowing youth sports outside of day camp settings, indoor playgrounds, live theater, saunas, steam rooms, nightclubs, concert venues, festivals, theme parks, and higher education colleges or universities to reopen.

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