The national average price is up for the third straight week, but it is still 99 cents a gallon lower than this time last year, according to the Gas Buddy website. This trajectory is predicted to continue as most states open and demand for gas rebounds.

National average price could reach $1.95 a gallon by next Monday, which would be the cheapest Memorial Day price since 2003.

GasBuddy examined fuel transactions from Pay with GasBuddy, used by more than 750,000 Americans to purchase discounted gas.

“Fuel demand is a significant economic indicator,” says Sarah McCrary, CEO of GasBuddy. “While April fuel demand was down compared to March, we saw consecutive weekly increases in gallons purchased and the number of active cardholders as the month progressed.”

The year-over-year drop in fuel demand equates to an average purchase of 50 gallons per driver in April 2019 and 39 gallons per driver in April 2020.

In San Bernardino County, where the price of regular gas dropped to less than $3 a gallon last month, the average price was $2.70.

According to Gas Buddy’s annual summer travel survey, 31 percent of Americans plan to take at least one summer road trip this year, down 44 percent from last year.

The big drop in travel this summer has everything to do with COVID-19. Seventy-two percent said the virus has directly impacted their summer travel plans: taking fewer road trips than previously planned (48 percent), canceling trips that require flying (36 percent) and making shorter trips (24 percent).

On Tuesday, May 19, Highland had the two of the lowest gas prices in San Bernardino County.

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