Highland’s unemployment rate jumped from 5 percent in March to 13.4 percent in April, California’s Economic Development Department reported on Friday, May 22.

The city followed a statewide trend, which saw historic record of 15.5 percent for California in April. Employers lost more than 2.4 million in non-farm jobs.

“The unprecedented job losses are like nothing before seen in California history in a current data series that dates back to 1976, and are a direct result of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic,“ said a press release.

• The state’s unemployment rate spiked an unprecedented 10 percent in April to 15.5 percent, eclipsing the previous record high rate in the current data series of 12.3 percent at the height of the Great Recession (March, October and November of 2010).

• California’s month-over non-farm payroll job loss of 2,344,700 for April is the largest on record. And in just one month, that total is over 1 million more than the job loss during the 2½-year-long recession (-1,318,400 from July 2007 to February 2010).

• The number of unemployed Californians rose to almost 2.9 million over just two months, surpassing the previous 2.2 million peak during the recession that took more than two years to reach.

• Every one of California’s 11 industry sectors lost jobs in April. The leisure and hospitality industry posted the largest job loss (-866,200), which was more than double that of trade, transportation, and utilities (-388,700), the state’s second-largest industry sector loss. Mining and logging (-500) posted the smallest job loss.

San Bernardino County’s unemployment rate rose from 4.9 percent in March to 13.4 percent in April.

The largest category of job losses was 160 food servers.

San Bernardino County unemployment rates

Location March
Grand Terrace4.9%13.4%
Loma Linda3.1%8.9%
San Bernardino6.2%15.2%

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