Site of Highland Park

Site for the planned Highland Park residental development after the demolition of dilapidated structures and dozens of trees.

The tentative tract map and conditional use permit for the Highland Park planned development by Mastercraft Homes at 29300 Base Line was issued a 1-year extension by the city council on Tuesday, Aug. 25.

The extension for the 46-single-family-home project is the second of three permitted since the project was first approved in 2016.

A 1-year extension was issued in 2019 when developers were slow in demolishing the dilapidated buildings and clearing trees from the 7.6-acre parcel during the original 3-year permit.

According to Ray Dorame of Mastercraft Homes, the project experienced additional delays in the past year.

“We hit a roadblock last year with the downturn of the market and COVID,” Dorame said. “The market has returned and we are now in the process of resurrecting both the plan and the map and we are moving forward with the project itself.”

The plan includes 46 single-family homes, three streets, a park and water quality basin and two common landscaped areas to be built on a long vacant property on the north side of Base Line east of Club View Drive.

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Nothing moves fast in Highland. If things can't be built in this great Trump economy it never will. Look at the Packing District in Redlands. It's going up gang busters. They know how to get things done there.


This isn't the city's doint\g. The developer just can't seem to get his stuff worked out. This is his 3rd, and final, extension request. There seems to be excuse after excuse after excuse with this guy. I seriously doubt the development will get built.


Noted. Than you. Highland needs more outstanding new roof tops for sure. With that said I hope I live long enough to see the Greenspot Village and Marketplace completed. Good grief.


The Planning Commission approved a housing development for the south-eastern end of the development near Greenspot and Webster. I wish the city would invite IKEA to build a store in that area.

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