Primary speakers

From left to right are Maulik Ankolia, Rabita Rawat, coordinator Jamie Ayala, Alejandro Montes, and Sarthak Arora from the CSUSB Center for Global Management, during the 2017 IE World Trade Conference that was held May 17 at the San Bernardino International Airport.

Wednesday, May 17, the 2017 Inland Empire World Trade Conference was held in the domestic terminal at the San Bernardino International Airport. Companies from Latin America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the U.S. converged at the trade conference to show their wares and discuss topics such as cyber security, global innovations, and international marketing for new products.

“Today is about creating partnerships and to create job-shadowing and internships,” said CSUSB Center for Global Management intern Alejandro Montes, who assisted in information outreach. “One of areas to focus on is to connect students with businesses to help them go abroad. The students would work with those companies to help them develop their scope to work in Latin America and other countries.”

“The students from the Center of Global Management talked about the pilot program that focused on career development that will be offered this fall as Cal State San Bernardino,” said Jamie Ayala, coordinator for Global Management at CSUSB. “There were panel discussions and presentations. Some businesses gave fast pitch informational sessions that provided insight on how to move their products overseas.”

The William Leonard Transportation Center, the Analytics Center of Excellence, AR Tech, and the CSUSB Student Research presented during the Global Innovation Fast Pitch Series.

Featured panelists were from CSUSB Marketing Department, Marketplace Valet, ICC Networking, the consul of Senegal, Combustion Associates, and the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Administration.

Panelists discussed topics that ranged from how to streamline operations to how aerospace, cyber security, and transportation are impacted and influenced by international trade.

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