Members from the Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA) gathered on Wednesday, Jan. 13, for the first meeting of 2021 to approve budget adjustments for the fiscal year 2020-21, approve meeting stipends for board members and to welcome new members.

IVDA Executive Director Michel Burrows welcomed new members from the city of San Bernardino Councilmember Ben Reynoso and alternate member city of San Bernardino Councilmember Fred Shorett.

The board then voted to approve an increase to the meeting stipend for IVDA members from $150 to $175, which would be $25 more for each member totaling $300 additional stipend per year. IVDA staff cited an analysis that used consumer price index information for the cities of Riverside, San Bernardino and Ontario metropolitan areas along with a survey of similar agencies to determine how much the stipend should be increased. Alternates will also be paid for the meetings if they attend them.

IVDA also approved an adjustment to the fiscal year budget of $130,000.

A portion of the fund would be used for a $70,000 increase in electricity at the property and management department and $60,000 for the Central Avenue storm drain project.

A transfer of increased revenue of $200,000 from the UAS Training Center was added to the general fund.

In other action, the board passed an adjustment of $53,022 under the proposed Restated Reimbursement Agreement to cover additional and necessary construction and engineering costs with Real Estate Development Associates, LLC, which, incurred from July through December 2020.

The adjustment now covers a completed master storm drain project with a new headwall connection at Twin Creek near Lankershim Avenue. IVDA Co-Chair and mayor of the city of San Bernardino John Valdivia had to recuse himself on voting for the item due to conflict of interest with Development Associates.

Lastly, IVDA approved an amendment to a contract with Hilltop Geotechnical for $56,311 to cover the costs of testing services for the Mountain View Widening project. The testing is required to ensure the materials and installation used to construct the work conforms to the requirements of the plans, specifications and acceptable construction standards for San Bernardino County Flood, San Bernardino County Transportation Authority and the affected utilities and municipalities.

The next meeting for IVDA will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 10.

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