James Ramos

Jan Forrester (right) with Assemblyman James Ramos (left) at the Chamber of Commerce on Tuesday,Oct.22.

Government officials and business leaders gathered on Tuesday, Oct. 22, to mingle and listen to the Highland Chamber of Commerce featured speaker Assemblyman James Ramos to talk about the recent legislative session in Sacramento.

Ramos began by jokingly correcting the person who had introduced him and said that he recently celebrated his 30th anniversary earlier this month with his wife Terri and that he needed to correct his bio.

He reminded people to attend his community events so that they may communicate their needs to him that he could be a better advocate for his constituents.

The first thing Ramos addressed was the rise of suicides among young adults in San Bernardino County due to “different issues in their lives.” He then talked about how he authored Assembly Bill 1767, which will expand school district suicide prevention policies that are age-appropriate to kindergarten and grades 1 to 6. He went on to say that he was able to get the bill through the assembly and the state senate before Governor Gavin Newsom signed it into law earlier this month. The bill will take effect in the 2020-21 school year.

Next, he talked about how he co-authored SB 230 that was also signed by the governor, which “provides resources to our first responders who are dealing with PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder)” who are responding to “suicide type calls.”

He also addressed “victims of crime,” and how people in Sacramento focus the discussion “on those perpetrating the crime versus those that the crime has been perpetrated against.” Ramos went explained how he introduced a bill “on the side of crime victims; that have been victimized, crime victims that have went to court and have been promised restitution.” AB 433 would require the probation department to contact a “victim of crime of an early termination of probation in cases where restitution has already been granted by a judge.”

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