If you are looking for a restaurant that offers their rich culture in their dishes then Kung Fu Pho may be for you. This week we introduce you to Kung Fu Pho a family-owned and operated Vietnamese restaurant at 7243 Boulder Ave. in the Albertson’s shopping center. They employee about 12 people, that includes college students who need a little extra money. This little diamond gem opened last March to great interest in the community according to Alvin Nguyen, one of the owners of Kung Fu. Nguyen says he was not expecting the number of non-Asians aged 30 to 50 years to come into Kung Fu on a daily bases. He says they come in about four in the afternoon to dine.

The popular dish at Kung Fu is Pho (a Vietnamese soup); Nguyen says people who often have hangovers come in to have the pho. Pho is also good for people who get sick and that it helps knock the sickness out, said Nguyen.

Nguyen says all the pho (soup) and sauce bases are made from scratch every day by his father-in-law and chef Nghia Ho. Nguyen says his father-in-law makes a secret spice, he says that he has tried to watch his father-in-law make the spice but can’t seem to get the recipe.

Kung Fu Pho allows their customers to determine how spicy their dishes are by allowing them to add their own condiments and pastes to the phos and other dishes they order.

Another popular dish is the deep pan-fried noodles, which cost between $8.50 to $10; it comes in five combinations, which include chicken, beef, shrimp, a seafood mix and a mix of the aforementioned items with rice noodles.

Also a hit at Kung Fu are the boba smoothies that come in strawberry, banana, honeydew, green apple, taro, mango and matcha green tea (boba is optional and cost 50 cents extra). An interesting fact regarding the smoothies, Nguyen tells us that people from Taiwan, the creator of tapioca (boba) pudding, came to visit Vietnam in the 1940s. The Taiwanese then obtained the recipe for the smoothies, which they then took back to their country and incorporated into their culture. The back of Kung Fu Pho’s menu says in part “that they (Kung Fu Pho) hope to share with you not only our food; but also a hint of the culture and traditions from our motherland, Vietnam.” Other drink options include Vietnamese iced coffee, milk tea, iced tea and canned soda to.

Kung Fu Pho is at 7243 Boulder Ave. and their hours of operation are 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. every day.

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