Planning Commission 2020

Highland Planning Commission (back row) Vice Chair Chandra Thomas, Chair Randall Hamerly, Commissioners Jarrod Miller, (front row) Edward Amaya and Jessica Sutorus were all appointed on Oct. 27.

On Tuesday, Nov. 17, the Planning Commission voted to recommend for City Council approval the addition of a 1.6-acre parcel to the 316-unit Mediterra planned residential development on Greenspot Road east of Santa Paula Street.

Mediterra is a 180-acre development ⎯ which has been divided into eight planning areas, four of which include residential development ⎯ to be built out in four phases. The plan includes 200 low-density residential units, 110 medium-density units, six estate lots and two parks. The plan also includes landscaping, a water quality management basin (planning area 8), sewer and water infrastructure, road improvements, an extensive trail network (planning area 7), agricultural and equestrian land (planning area 5) and open space (planning area 7).

Camille Bahri of Sunland Communities informed the Planning Commission that the 1.6-acre parcel is in the center of Mediterra’s first and western most planning area.

According to Bahri, he always intended the parcel to be part of Mediterra but encountered challenges in purchasing the property when the Mediterra plan was approved by the city in March 2016. Sunland was able to purchase the property in August and would now like to amend the approved plan to include the property. The parcel includes a home and several other structures, which will be demolished.

Adding the parcel will increase Mediterra from an overall 180.6 acres to 182.2 acres. It will also add nine lots to planning area 1. Planning area 1 will grow from 89 low-density units on 24.2 acres to 98 units on 25.8 acres.

The overall 316-unit size will be maintained by adjusting the unit size of planning area 4.

The amendment also included a clarification of when the Mediterra Park will be completed: both the public portion and the private recreation center will be completed prior to the issuance of building permits for the 140th unit. Previous language stated that the public park would be completed within building phase 2 and the private portion within phase 4.

Bahri informed the commission that since he always intended this parcel to be part of the plan, the plan’s environmental documents, traffic planning, water, sewer and electrical infrastructure was designed from the beginning to accommodate the additional property.

The plan amendments will now go to city council for final approval.

Editor's note: While the Nov. 17 Planning Commission meeting was held in-person ⎯ with limited audience and social distancing ⎯ due to rising coronavirus rates throughout the county, future meetings will be held via online videoconferencing. For more information, visit the city of Highland website at

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Plan Plan Plan, Approve, Approve , Approve then nothing ever happens. At least not to any big ambitious projects. Unless of course it's a casino project.

PJ Davis

Thanks for the heads up about another development bringing more traffic, unsightly structures and the leaf blowers and chemicals that maintain them. A little open space never hurt anyone.


The Planning Commission doesn't get the opportunity to review the casino projects. The Reservation and casino isn't in Highland. I'm sick and tired of houses, houses and more houses as well. Bring more businesses. An IKEA would be nice, something that will draw people out of their homes and into Highland, not more warehouses.


Exactly, The Greenspot Village and Marketplace is to be the jewel shopping place for Highland. Granted it's not as big a project as say Victoria Gardens in Rancho Cucamonga but still it would be a great little shopping destination for us residence and a win and great draw for the city but after 13 years of this project being approved we still got nothing. And yes a Sprouts or Whole Foods would be great there too.

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