Soon-to-be gas station

Plans are underway to redevelop the vacant commercial building at 8020 Palm Ave. into a gas station.

The Highland Planning Commission, on Tuesday, July 6, approved the design review application for a commercial building on the southwest corner of Palm Avenue and Fifth Street to be redeveloped as a gas station.

The gas station will use the existing building as a convenience store and redesign the parking lot for the installation of fuel pumps. The property owner, Ghulam Sarwar, feels this will be a more successful use of the property. In the past, several restaurants and other businesses have come and gone as tenants.

The conditional use permit for use of the property as a fuel station was approved by the commission on Jan. 19.

The gas station design and landscaping was approved after Sarwar and his architect made modifications requested by the commission during its initial review of the plans at its June 1 meeting.

During that meeting, the commission expressed dissatisfaction with the vehicle circulation of the plan’s original 10-pump layout. Commissioners felt that, with a car at each pump, space would be too limited for cars to park and maneuver in and out of the property.

To address these concerns, the plan was redesigned with eight pumps under two canopies.

Sarwar has not announced a tenant, and a sign program will be submitted for review once a tenant is confirmed.

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It's obvious that no one on the Planning Commission lives near this intersection, or they would know what a horrible idea this is. How much traffic does this intersection need? Have you been through there between 3 and 6 pm? Are you kidding me?

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