Pepito's new home

Pepito's new restaurant, with drive through and patio, is ready to open upon completion of negotiations for city development impact fee.

Pepito’s Mexican restaurant’s new building is complete and ready to open once the city gives final approval.

According to Assemblyman James Ramos, whose family purchased the business more than 15 years ago, the final obstacle is finalizing an agreement with the city to help pay for medians to be installed on a section of Base Line in front of the restaurant.

The new Spanish mission style restaurant expanded seating to 70 and was built alongside the old walkup building that was demolished as the new building neared completion.

The restaurant’s loyal customer base has been anxiously awaiting its reopening since the original building was demolished to make way for the new restaurant’s parking lot.

The 3,485 square foot building added features the original building lacked including a drive-through and a bakery. It has expanded indoor seating as well as patio seating.

According to Ramos, city staff informed him of a fee to help pay the cost for a future median on Base Line east of Victoria Avenue, the block where the restaurant stands.

The medians will extend the city’s street design used on Base Line east and west of State Route 210. While the city is not ready to construct the median it wants to secure funding as new developments are constructed along that section of Base Line.

“It’s been a challenge building from the ground up,” Ramos said referring also to construction and other delays experienced by the project that was first approved by the city in 2012.

While Pepito’s is still negotiating the agreement with the city, Ramos said the fee would add approximately $100,000 to the cost of building the new restaurant.

Ramos said he and his daughter Vanessa Ramos, who now owns and runs the restaurant, are open to the city’s request but want assurance that a break will be designed into the median to allow left turns to be made at the restaurant’s entrance.

“The thing is we’re putting up money for something that won’t be built for five to 10 years and we’d like it to be something that we will benefit from too,” Ramos said.

In anticipation of the restaurant’s reopening a sign announcing the hiring process for new staff has begun. Those interested in working at Pepito’s should email resumes to

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Such a shame. Pepitos probably spent $300K+ in remodeling and permit fees only to be shaken down by the city for another $100K in impact fees.

$100K for some concrete curbing in the median.


Why do we need another Mexican restaurant?

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