Ryan Vollkommer

The newly appointed Highland Area Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, named in December, appointed Ryan Vollkommer its new president for 2021.

Vollkommer is a life-long resident of Highland and a financial advisor with Modern Woodmen of America. He has been serving on the board since 2019 and has been the ambassador committee chair for two consecutive years.

“Ryan Vollkommer is an amazing volunteer and cares deeply about Highland and the chamber business members. He will do a great job. Ryan has worked at nearly every chamber event and I can always rely on him. This is a well-deserved appointment,” said Andrea De Leon, former executive director.

Vollkommer is married to Tamara Vollkommer and the two pride themselves on their commitment to family, fitness and dog-parenting of Axl.

“Ryan is the great-nephew of my dear friend, the late Dennis Johnson, who is credited for initiating the founding of the city of Highland. His entire family, including his dad, Harold Vollkommer, are committed to our region and making this a great place to live,” said Past President Chris Marin.

Vollkommer started his work with Modern Woodmen of American in 2018 and has a commitment to helping families and individuals meet their financial goals. He has assured a partnership between Modern Woodman of America and the Highland Area Chamber of Commerce, which has developed during his three-year involvement.

“I look forward working side-by-side with Ryan. I admire his commitment. We both have deep ties to the city of Highland that I am sure we will rely on to serve the chamber,” said Chris Nielsen, the newly appointed interim executive director.

Vollkommer replaces Chris Marin, who served as board president in 2020.

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