On Wednesday, March 24, the San Bernardino International Airport Authority (SBIAA) passed a resolution to provide information to the federal government regarding funding for the Runway Rehabilitation Project and received an update on the Contract Tower Program.

The commission passed a resolution to provide more information to the federal government on Runway Rehabilitation Project after a request by Congressman Pete Aguilar to see if the project would qualify for “full federal funding support.”

If the airport qualifies, it would receive funding under the federal government’s Community Projects Program, which would cover the costs of maintaining the runway at San Bernardino International Airport (SBD).

SBD Airport Director Mark Gibbs also announced that due to the increase of business coming into the airport, the FAA notified SBD that the airport will become the 252nd member of the Contract Tower Program.

The airport will join the program later this month; being part of the program means that the federal government will be paying the labor costs of running the tower, which would save SBD $600,000 a year. The airport will still pay for the maintenance and any equipment repairs or upgrades to run the tower.

The commission welcomed new Director of Development at Inland Valley Development Agency (IVDA)/SBIAA (formerly Capital Projects) Director Jeff Barrow who replaces Jim Harris who retired earlier this month. Harris will still be available to both agencies as a consultant as needed said IVDA/SBIAA Executive Director Mike Burrows. Barrow was a consultant to both agencies prior to his hiring as director.

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