The number of San Bernardino County residents who are either employed or looking for work is increasing according to a report released by California Employment Development Department.

According to the June data, the county’s labor force climbed to 976,400, the highest June total on record, and up nearly 6,000 from the previous month.

Unemployment was at 8.0 percent within San Bernardino County and at 7.9 percent for the Riverside-San Bernardino-Ontario Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA).

This was higher than the nationwide unemployment of 6.1 percent but equal to California’s unemployment rate of 8.0 percent.

Between May and June, total MSA nonfarm employment grew from 1,521,700 to 1,527,900, an increase of 6,200 jobs. Agricultural employment grew by 2,300 jobs during the same period.

The leisure and hospitality sector recorded the largest gain, up 3,700.

According to a summary of the EDD data released by the San Bernardino County Workforce Development Board on Monday, Aug. 16, “That positive labor force trend line underscores the great opportunity that exists in San Bernardino County coming out of the pandemic. As one of the fastest-growing population and economic centers in the country, we’ve emerged as an extremely desirable place for growing companies to do business.”

The summary also suggested that the state’s return to the pre-pandemic practice of requiring unemployment applicants to demonstrate that they’re actively seeking employment is helping drive up the region’s labor force and will help ease the labor shortage.

The state returned to this requirement as of June 11, and, beginning the week of July 25, the state has been mailing notices to those collecting Pandemic Unemployment Assistance and Federal-State Extended Duration b-enefits, informing them of the work search requirements.

Those seeking to continue their unemployment benefits and those filing new, regular unemployment claims after June 11 must keep and show record of their work search activities.

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