Over 300 hundred people from around Southern California attended the 2019 China/San Bernardino International Trade Symposium at the San Bernardino International Airport (SBD) on Friday, Oct. 11.

Attending the event was Highland Mayor Penny Lilburn, Fifth District Supervisor Josie Gonzales, San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia and The Consulate General for the Peoples Republic of China Zhang Ping to name a few. 

Six Chinese-based airlines attended to explore the possibility of bringing flights into SBD.

“This is all dependent on whether [President Thrump] can sign a future U.S.-China trade deal,” said Valdivia.

Cargo and exports are also a big factor; during a Q-and-A session, Ping mentioned that people in China prefer the cherries sold to them from San Bernardino County compared to Chile.

Trade was not the only thing discussed; Ping said that “40,000 students were exploring attending Cal State San Bernardino.”

Ping also said that the Chinese government polled its citizens and 1.2 million people want to visit California.

The issue of unions was also brought up during the session and how the airport would negotiate with them on an upcoming cargo logististics development; Gonzales addressed this saying, “It’s important as this airport grows that we work in partnership with our unions,” “because we need to keep in mind that unions exist because there are jobs, without a job there is no organized union,” and “it’s a partnership we need to create.”

The Q-and-A session ended with an invitation to Ping to attend the SBD Fest on Nov. 2-3.

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