On Monday, July 6, San Bernardino International Airport (SBD) launched a comprehensive communications outreach effort in the San Bernardino region. As the airport continues its role as a powerful economic engine, the “SBD Good Neighbor Program” will allow SBD to educate residents and business owners in the region about developments at the airport while also providing a forum for feedback from the community.

SBD, the former Norton Air Force Base that was decommissioned in 1994, has been a leading contributor to the region’s economic prosperity for nearly 80 years. Federal, state and local leaders partnered to reimagine a reuse plan for the airport, and these efforts have resulted in a now-thriving airport, with air cargo, corporate and general aviation, and other aviation support services operating on the airfield. 

“Increased operations from emergency services like firefighting aircraft and sheriff helicopters, as well as air cargo planes and general aviation aircraft, can make our skies seem like a pretty busy place,” explained Mark Gibbs, director of Aviation. “The SBD Good Neighbor Program allows the airport to explain the operations at the airport and, most importantly, to receive feedback from those who live and work nearby. Our goal is to treat our local residents and businesses with the respect and consideration they would find in a good neighbor.”

The air cargo operators in particular, and the innovative on-airport facilities they have invested in, will bring careers, goods and prosperity to the region. The related increased flight operations may also lead to questions and concerns from those who live and work nearby the airport. The SBD Good Neighbor Program is a new way for SBD International Airport to communicate with—both inform and listen to — our community members.

The SBD Good Neighbor Program will also be a community resource, providing educational videos, presentations, and statistics that detail airport operations.

For more information about the SBD Good Neighbor Program, visit sbdgoodneighbor.com.

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Many communities around the nation take great pride in how their water towers are painted. SBD has three large ones that are currently looking pretty shabby. My suggestion would be a competition amongst the various high schools and community colleges to come up with paint schemes for them. Once completed, have them lit up at night. SBD is a shining star in San Bernardino. The airport is always spotless and facilities are great. Have the water towers reflect the greatness of the airport and the people who work there.

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