Members of the San Bernardino International Airport Authority (SBIAA) gathered via videoconference for its regular meeting to discuss the confirmation and ratification of elections for the commission positions of president, vice-president and secretary that took place during last month’s SBIAA meeting along with an update of SBIAA’s Fraud Prevention Policy.

Legal Council Scott Huber explained the need for ratification of last month’s commission elections, after suspicions arose that commission members might have had discussions about the then-upcoming election of members to the positions of president, vice-president and secretary, which suggested that they were in violation of the Brown Act. Commission president and mayor from the city of Colton Frank Navarro notified Huber of this who immediately began investigating the matter before concluding that the Brown Act was not violated.

He told the commission, “Unbeknownst to any of the members that were involved in these discussions, each member was judiciously complying with the Brown Act and intending to comply with the Brown Act, but, as I learned of these discussions, it appears there may have not been a quorum depending on which agencies the individuals belonged to. So out of an abundance of caution, I suggested that we put this back on the agenda for the ratification of the officers, so no one can point a finger and say that SBIAA is not complying with its own policies and rules.”

SBIAA Commission Member and District 3 Supervisor Dawn Rowe made a motion for the confirmation and ratification of the aforementioned positions on the commission, which was seconded by the city of San Bernardino Mayor John Valdivia. Before the vote, commissioner and Highland Mayor Pro Tem Penny Lilburn asked to comment regarding Huber's report saying, “I appreciate the attorney bringing this to the board's attention. We all know that it wasn’t just several months; it was developed the last couple weeks. Here’s the thing, the airport always had a stigma of bad politics and decisions and not being transparent. So we just need to remember that this isn’t the good old boys as usual politics and enough is enough. I appreciate you bringing that back on the agenda because we shouldn’t be violating [the] Brown Act. Many of us sit on councils and we know Brown Act, we see it on Facebook, many of you are being accused of violating Brown Acts and we know what happens.” Lilburn, finished her comments asking commission members to “do the right thing and make sure that we just follow our policies, our own rules that we set up and not fail.”

Following Lilburn’s comments, the commission voted unanimously to ratify the elections.

Next on the agenda the commission voted and approved an update to SBIAA’s Fraud Prevention Policy with some modifications/corrections by Lilburn and Valdivia.

In other action, the SBIAA voted to ratify a contract that would provide a resupply of parts for the Air Traffic Control Tower totaling $163,907.79.

SBIAA will hold its next meeting on Wednesday, Sept. 23.

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