Shopping center

A 22,000-square-foot shopping center is planned for the southeast corner of Pacific and Victoria.

On Tuesday, May 4, the Planning Commission approved the conditional use permit (CUP) and design review plan for a 22,000-square-foot shopping center to be built on the southeast corner of Pacific Street and Victoria Avenue.

The shopping center will be built on a 1.96-acre parcel that has been vacant since before the city’s incorporation in 1987. It will include 9,750 square feet of retail suites, 9,750 square feet of office space and a 2,500-square-foot restaurant suite.

The submitted design was drafted by Jonathan L. Zane Architect and uses an L-shape footprint along the east and south sides of the parcel with the 94-space parking lot and landscaping taking up the northwest portion of the property.

The application was first submitted to the commission during its April 20 meeting when the commission requested several changes to the plan.

In an effort to make a more desirable eating destination and in light of growing popularity of outdoor dining, the commission requested the addition of outdoor dining areas. The commission also requested that the trash bin enclosures be roofed and that aesthetic embellishments be added to the north and west ends of the building.

All these requests were met in the revised plan and the CUP and design review plan was approved.

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Looks like every other shopping center in Highland, typical "L" shape. No vision, No unique designs, so disappointing. All these new people on the commission were supposed to be these great visionaries and would lead Highland to greatness. Is this greatness? No. Boring and mundane? Absolutely.


Completely agree with you. Cookie cutter design, very boring and mundane. Highland founders would be offended.


Does this mean that at some point they'll actually fix pacific avenue or are they going to continue the back and forth of whos' responsibility it is?

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