The 7-Eleven on the southwest corner of Boulder Avenue and Greenspot Road nears completion. Monument signs were approved by the Planning Commission on Tuesday, Dec. 15.

On Tuesday, Dec. 15, the Highland Planning Commission approved a monument sign program for the 7-Eleven convenience store being built on the southwest corner of Boulder Avenue and Greenspot Road.

The sign program will construct two monument signs at the property, each 11-feet tall by 12 feet wide. One sign will be placed on Boulder at the east entrance and the other on Greenspot at the north entrance.

Originally, a larger sign was proposed for the Boulder Avenue sign.

The signs will display the names of businesses operating on the property and fuel prices for the 7-Eleven gas station.

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Great but let's hope it does not turn into like one of the AM/PM's around here. Anyone who has ever driven into one of Highlands AM/PM's knows that they can often look like homeless shelters. Let's hope that the owner(s) of this 7/11 are more responsible in the upkeep of this station especially because it is located in the cities "Golden Triangle".


Oh, it will become a mecca for the homeless in the East Highland area. The rear of the building (Southwest corner) has less than 1 foot candle of lighting, and it's close to the wash area. Oh, and guess what? The Warehouses are coming next to that area. There's already talk about putting one where the Walmart was supposed to be, where the old driving range was.

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