Work begins

Work begins on the Mediterra housing development to be built on the north side of Greenspot Road with ulitlity work and the removal of an orange grove.

On Tuesday, Dec. 8, Highland City Council approved an amendment to the Mediterra housing development, adding a 1.6-acre parcel to the 316-unit development being built on the north side of Greenspot Road east of Santa Ana Canyon Road.

The amendment, submitted by developer Sunland Communities, adjusts the tentative tract map for phase 1 of the project, adding a 1.6-acre parcel (containing a residence and several out buildings). Sunland desired for the project early in the planning but was unable to purchase it when the plan was first submitted to and approved by the city in March 2016.

Since Sunland always wanted the property to be part of the project, Mediterra’s infrastructure and environmental documents were designed to account for the property and few alterations were needed to the plan.

The property will be used to add nine residential lots to Mediterra’s planning area 1, growing the area from 89 low-density units on 24.2 acres to 98 units on 25. 8 acres. Mediterra’s 316-unit size will be unchanged, as the number of lots in planning area 4 will be reduced.

Overall, the Mediterra project will grow from 180.6 acres to 182.2 acres. This includes 94.6 acres of open space.

Work recently began on the project. According to General Manager Joseph Hughes, the removal of 13 acres of orange grove was scheduled for this week, in preparation for upcoming grading work.

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Great. Built it and they will come.


Greenspot will get really heavy with traffic now. What are the plans to improve ingress and egress for these new homes?

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