Lockwood home, 1910

The question has been asked, “How do you find things to write about?” With that question in mind, today’s story will lead the reader through the convoluted mental meanderings of the writer.

Some time ago, a postcard was purchased on eBay which said on the front: 1910- Highland- California, and featured the photo of a very attractive house.

On the reverse was this greeting: “This is our new house. Come and see us. With love Helen.” The card was addressed to: Mrs. Myron Crawford New Canaan, Conn.

The questions that leap out are: who was Helen, and where was the house located?

A search was done for Myron Crawford in New Canaan, Conn. via ancestry.com, however, the results were inadequate.

Another search was done on the first name Helen, in Highland, in 1910. There were quite a few possibilities here. Following a hunch, I found a Helen and Samuel Lockwood in the 1910 Federal Census, and lo and behold, the 1880 census revealed a Samuel Lockwood from New Canaan, Conn!

With this discovery, confidence builds! On to the next step: finding more information about the Lockwoods. For this, a newspaper search was launched.

Eureka! A good amount of information was found about Samuel and Helen Lockwood and their children Edna and Phillip.

The information on Helen only covers a short period of time in Highland, but she made quite an impact.

Born Helen Rose Steele on Oct. 28, 1874, in New York, to Lewis E. and Henrietta (Graves), she was a cousin to Lewis S. Steele of Highland.

In 1900, Helen married Samuel Kellogg Lockwood and they had two children, Edna and Philip.

The Lockwoods came to Highland in early 1910, and by April it was reported that Mrs. Lockwood had purchased from A.A. True five acres on the corner of Highland and Orange avenues that was formerly the property of L.S. Steele.

Other investments were the purchase of the Steele home on Pacific Avenue and “a strip of land beginning back of the Steele house and extending east and north to the railroad” from Mr. and Mrs. John Inglehart. (L.S. Steele built a new home in 1910 on W. Main Street.)

In late 1911, Mrs. Lockwood purchased the interest of B.L. Roberts in the Highland Transfer Company. A short time before, Mrs. W.B. Truslow purchased from Fred Leuschen his interest in the same company.

The comment in the Sun was: “Thus, along with the acquisition of the ballot, the women are coming into their own …”

Mr. Lockwood finally gets a mention when the Sun reported: “S.K. Lockwood who recently sold his home and two acres of orange grove on W. Pacific Avenue to W.T. Martin, is building a new cottage on a five acre grove that the Lockwoods own on Highland Avenue.”

So, after much digging, it is believed that the house in our photo was built in 1910, on the corner of Orange and Highland avenues, by Samuel and Helen Lockwood.

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