In recognition of Veterans Day, Monday, Nov. 11, Assemblyman James C. Ramos (D-Highland) hosted and honored 10 outstanding veterans who were selected for their service by a panel of five veterans at his first inaugural “Veterans Honoring Veterans” Ceremony.

“I wanted to give our local veterans the opportunity to thank and commend the service men and women in our community who are making an impact. When we put into perspective the sacrifices that our service members have made, our veterans deserve to be honored 365 days out of the year,” said Ramos.

The 2019 Veteran Honorees and their branch of service include:

• Bob Ainsworth – U.S. Army

• Charlotte Baber – U.S. Air Force

• Alton Garret – U.S. Air Force

• Sam Irwin – U.S. Air Force

• Gary Lemos – U.S. Marine Corps

• Gregory Lincoln – U.S. Marine Corps

• Joseph Moseley – U.S. Army

• Anthony Precie – U.S. Navy

• Gabriel Sachwitz – U.S. Marine Corps

• Phyllis J. Seleska – U.S. Navy

The 40th Assembly District Veterans Panel and their branch of service include:

• Jeff Breiten – U.S. Marine Corps

• Joe Mays – U.S. Air Force

• Richard Valdez – U.S. Marines

• Celeste Williams – U.S. Army

• Chris Williams – U.S. Navy

Veteran panelists introduced their selected honorees and Ramos presented them with a certificate of recognition and an inscribed commemorative mug. All the veterans who participated in this ceremony reside within the 40th Assembly District.

A highlights video of the event will be posted on Ramos’s website and social media accounts later in the month.

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