The Unforgettables Foundation (TUF) celebrated the conclusion of Dr. Randy Schell’s ride 2.0 on Friday, Sept. 24, after nearly two months of biking from the Washington-Canadian border to the San Diego-Mexican border.

TUF is a non-profit organization that helps support families financially after the death of a child ages 28 weeks pregnant to 18 years old.

Schell’s ride 2.0 raised over $25,000 and 100 percent of the proceeds goes toward TUF’s mission, to aid grieving families.

“Helping grieving families is what got me up everyday and made me not want to quit, knowing TUF is relying on me to fundraise,”explained Schell, the rider of Dr. Randy’s ride and TUF board member.

Schell has been part of TUF since its inception and this is his second ride since his first one 20 years ago.

Schell wasn’t scheduled to finish until Oct. 2, but he finished over a week sooner because of his determination.

“I wasn’t supposed to finish until Oct. 2, but we ended up riding 80 to 105 miles a day and were able to finish a little earlier,” shared Schell.

The final ride for Schell came Friday, Sept. 24, from the ranger station on Mill Creek Road in Mentone, to TUF’s headquarters on W. Pearl Avenue in Redlands.

Schell had a caravan of close to 15 people with him on this final ride, there was an excitement in the air for all at the station.

Two special riders were former board chair, Dr. Tom Sherwin and his son, Spencer Sherwin, who recently became paralyzed from the chest down.

“This moment means a lot, for reasons personally. Being able to prove I can do this to myself and do it in memory of my grandparents and best friend I’ve recently lost, means everything,” shared Spencer.

Dr. Sherwin and Spencer rode together on a specially made tandem bike, on which Spencer can pedal with his arms and Tom can pedal with his legs.

“It was great getting Spencer involved and seeing him enjoy this, I’m also proud of Tim and the things he’s done with TUF,” Tom said of the ride and Tim Evans, TUF founder and Highland resident.

From the station down to TUF, the riders rode with a sense of freedom and thrill as Dr. Randy’s ride 2.0 was coming to a close.

“This is a great event by a great organization in TUF, and they do amazing things for the community,” shared Greg Bogh, mayor of Yucaipa.

The caravan was filled with those who love what TUF does for their community, this ride was just one expression of the community support TUF receives to make it successful.

“The work TUF does is amazing, social service organizations like TUF are what make the biggest impact in the community,” said Sen. Rosilicie Ochoa-Bogh.

Dr. Randy’s ride 2.0 was a success and one they hope to make an annual tradition.

“We plan on making this an annual event going forward, with a different destination every ride,” shared LeAnn Chavez, co-chair for TUF.

What makes an organization like TUF successful, is its dedication to aiding and easing the minds of families that suffer loss.

“Every child is unforgettable and deserves a proper burial, we love being able to help these families in their darkest days,” expressed Christine Carrillo-Beamer.

With their dedication to aiding families that suffer loss, TUF has been able to lend a hand in the darkest of times.

“This project has been blessed at every turn, when you’re able to help these families in their darkest days it sticks with you and we’re very blessed with this cause,” expressed Tim Evans, founder and CEO of The Unforgettables Foundation.

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