Standing at 3297 Highland Ave. on the corner of Pepper Street stands the Highland House of Flowers.

Many years ago, Rosemary Kline Edgmon had told me this had been the home in which she grew up. This information has been simmering in the back of my mind since then.

Rosemary was the daughter of Paul Frederick Kline and Permelia Waite. This union was more than a marriage of two people, it was a union of the two families.

Permelia's father was Edward Rosseau Waite and her mother was Lorinda Metcalf, who were married in 1896 in Highland.

Mr. Waite and his widowed mother, Permelia Barker Waite, came to California from Wisconsin in 1882. They settled in Riverside, where his two brothers, Lyman and Russell, already resided.

Edward moved to Los Angeles and started a grocery business known as Waite & March until 1887. From there he lived for a while in San Fernando, and after a year in the east, finally came to Highland in 1892.

As mentioned previously, Edward and Lorinda were married in 1896. Their son Orville was born in 1897 and daughter Permelia in 1898.

The property on Highland Avenue consisted of 5 1/3 acres on which were a home and an orange grove.

Paul Kline's father, William Kline, came to Redlands about 1892. William had a plumbing and "tinning" shop with his brother-in-law E.J. Underwood at 118 Fifth St. in Redlands.

Paul was born in 1893 and attended local schools and completed three years of high school. He was then employed in his father's plumbing shop.

In 1921, Paul Kline and Permelia Waite were wed. It appears that the couple moved in with her parents, and they remained in that house until 1941. It was there that Permelia died in 1938, which may have been the impetus to sell the property.

The home place was sold in 1941 to Mr. and Mrs. Hollis Williams who were employed at Patton. Mrs. Williams, Rose Virginia (Anderson) was the daughter of Z. Preston Anderson.

Meanwhile, Paul Kline purchased property on 7957 Cole Ave.

The writer used to walk to Cypress School, taking a shortcut across the property, which was an open field at the time.

The property eventually passed to Rosemary and her stepsister Dorrine, daughter of Paul's second wife, Ina Belle Cunningham Zell. In 1985 it was sold to Kaufman Development Corp. who planned 39 lots on 7.96 acres on the north side of Ninth Street between Central and Cole avenues.

Paul died in 1990 at age 96.

Dates for when the Waite/Kline Highland Avenue property next changed hands needs more intensive research, but, at about 1987, William A. Robblee opened the Highland Flower Stop in the old home, however, he was only there for about a year.

Sue Combs followed, and called the business Highland House of Flowers.

Today, the business is owned by George Wong.

If you need flowers for the holidays, stop in and visit a historic house as well as shop for flowers.

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