But they hope it won’t be a secret anymore

In early spring, Tracey Powell of Highland decided to fulfill the dream of a community garden where people could cultivate their own gardens in a well tended plot, providing food for themselves and sharing food with the less fortunate.

“I couldn’t do it in Highland,” she said, “because Highland doesn’t allow community gardens.”

She spotted the large vacant field at Highland Congregational Church (which is actually in the city of San Bernardino), got permission from the church, and with the help of a few friends, got to work on the garden.

”We have 12 garden beds right now,” Powell said. “Some are for individuals and some are for donations to local charities.”

With her on Friday morning, July 15, were Master Gardener Jarry Poupard and his wife Robin, and Lois Campbell, all Highland residents.

Ironically, none are members of Highland Congregational Church, and none of the other garden participants are members of the church.

Tracey got a generous mulch donation from Kellogg, but most of the expense for lumber and all of the labor have been from volunteers.

The raised beds already are filed with a number of vegetables like radishes, squash, etc.

There also is a stand of corn and a pumpkin patch — land that will be converted to more garden beds in the future.

Gardeners pay $5 a month to cover water and other expenses.

Powell says the garden is not well known, but she hopes a little publicity will bring more participants, both growers and volunteers.

The Powells are no strangers to volunteerism and serving the community. You may remember her daughter, Faith, who collected old shoes and sold them to donate toys to the Children's Fund. She decided instead of getting birthday presents, she would give to others for her birthday. Last Christmas, she delivered several shopping carts full of toys to Chirldren's Fund. And she plans to do it again this year.

For more information about Highland’s Giving Garden, email highlandsgivinggarden@gmail.com or call (909) 518-5056.

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