Ron Coats and James Morales Jr. have been instrumental and played an integral part in the development and implementation of the Sterling Natural Resources project over the past few years. As members of the East Valley Water District Board, Coats and Morales have repeatedly shown their dedication and commitment to our community.

It is both important and appropriate that they continue to see the Sterling project through to completion. They have dedicated hours away from their home, family and work making certain we are able to meet our current and future water and sewage disposal.

Both men have shown exceptional community involvement and worked tirelessly to improve our lives, as well as ensure the availability and safety of our water resources.

Please join me in supporting the re-election of James Morales Jr. and Ronald Coats to the East Valley Water District board.

Dr. Pamela Miller, Highland

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Reelect Coats and Morales when they refuse to answer simple questions regarding poo poo water?I agree the East Valley Water District ratepayers need "recycled water we can drink" but the truth is no EVWD ratepayer will ever get to drink any recycled water from the SNRC as we were originally promised? Instead: 1) all of the recycled water from the SNRC will go right back into the ground at City Creek, 2) EVWD's Board of Directors refuse to answer the question: "How much of the recycled water from the SNRC will reach the water table i.e. Bunker Hill Basin?" but refuse to answer the much for transparency! 3) true we need to "recharge" Bunker Hill Basin but not even the 3 private consultant's who wrote the June 2017 Draft Engineering Report for the SNRC will go on record to tell us how much recycled water will reach the water table? 4) the 3 private consultants wrote in Section 6.1 City Creek of the 2017 Draft Report "the recycled water has a POSSIBILITY of reaching the water table," 5) We can put a man on the Moon but no one is willing to go on the record for how much recycled water will reach the water table? 6) BUT the EVWD rate payer is on the hook to repay the $140M to build the SNRC???? 7) EVWD refuses to post any "amortization schedule" on their website to inform the EVWD ratepayer what the financial liability and terms are to repay the $140M? 8) We hear all of this state of the cleanup poo poo water and pour it back into the ground? 9) the EVWD ratepayers need to wake up and realize they are on the hook to repay $140M, 10 EVWD is now telling us the SNRC facilities are a resource for us? They have not told anyone how much it will cost to rent out a room at "our new resource" even though we will be repaying $140M? Is the use of the new resource free???


Spending $140M to build the SNRC, not knowing how much of the poo poo water that is recycled and DUMPED back into the ground at City Creek will reach the water table i.e. Bunker Hill Basin, and then spending $14M a year to operate the SNRC could end up being a "BOONDOGGLE!" What does the local ratepayer who must repay the $140M do then?


If the $140M SNRC turns out to be a "doonboogle" because only a very little of the "recycled water" actually reaches the water table then let's have the EVWD Board members and the General Manager pay the $140M out of their own pocket?


Definition of boondoggle is "work or activity that is wasteful or pointless but gives the appearance of having value."


Dr. Miller it is the political election time of year, people make all sorts of endorsements, but after the election on November 6, 2018 projects like the SNRC will still be scrutinized for costs etc. Someone needs to ask questions when we are asked to repay a $140M DEBT for the SNRC, $14M in annual operating expenses for the SNRC, EVWD is simply dumping "recycled water" back into the ground at City Creek, consultants and Messers Coats and Morales will not answer the question for: "How much of the recycled water will reach the water table i.e. Bunker Hill Basin?" Do you know the answer to the question?

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