Highland Beauty Shop

Ruth Briggs Anderson stands in front of her new business, the Highland Beauty Shop. This is where Adorable Pets is now located.

Last week we left our story of Highland’s beauty shop with the purchase by Ruth Briggs of the business from Ladona Hagy. The building, however, owned by the Hagys was not part of the transaction.

Eleanor Tyler Austin, who purchased the beauty shop from Jerry Wahl in 1938, married the same year and had a daughter in 1940, and seems to have discontinued her career.

Shortly after purchasing the shop, in 1950, Ruth also was married, to David “Marshall” Anderson. This was a second marriage for both. However, Ruth continued her career and she is the subject of today’s story.

Ruth Saul was born Jan. 2, 1922 in Iowa to Frederick James and Kathrina Niessen Saul. She grew up there, married and had a daughter Maryls in 1943.

About 1945, Ruth and Marlys Briggs came to California, and about 1948, Ruth began working at the Highland Beauty Shop with Ladona Hagy, whom we met last week.

A year later, Ruth purchased the shop from Ladona. The living quarters in the back of the shop were just the thing for mom and daughter. Today’s photo shows Ruth standing in front of her very own, new business. (Adorable pets is there now, so I guess the grooming aspect of the building continues.)

In 1955 Ruth, now Mrs. David “Marshall” Anderson, sold her shop to Kay Carter of Colton.

A new shop was built under the name Town & Country Beauty Shop, on Highland Avenue and Del Rosa.

According to Marlys Anderson, Ruth’s daughter, that shop was bought out for the development of the shopping center that exists there now in the Stater Bros. complex.

A notice in the San Bernardino Sun dated Dec. 24, 1964 reads: “Approved by a 3 to 2 vote a variance asked for by David M. Anderson for a beauty shop at the northwest corner of 11th Street and Palm Avenue in South Highland."

This property, 7402 Palm Ave., became the new Town & Country Beauty Salon.

Maryls recalls that the building was a home and had to be remodeled to accommodate the new business.

A title search to see who originally owned the building has been full of frustration, so, if anyone can shed some light on this, please let me know.

Ruth and her Town and Country Beauty Shop continued until her retirement about 1974-75.

Ruth and Marshall Anderson were married for 61 years at the time of Ruth’s passing in 2011. David Marshall Anderson followed two years later.

Marlys Anderson married Jacob Mantel in 1962 and they have three children.

There were several businesses at the location on Palm Avenue and 11th Street after Ruth retired. There was a thrift shop; Black Diamond Fabrics in 2009, and there was Town and Country Hair Co. owned by Gloria Graham and her daughter Vicki Benedict.

My thanks to Marlys and her daughter Brenda for providing information and today’s photo.

Next week: a mystery house is researched.

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