Klaus at the sluice

At the Citrus Harvest Festival, Klaus Doebbert, of the California Experience, demonstrates how prospectors used a sluice, with water running over the riffles, to separate debris when prospecting for gold.

The Historic and Cultural Preservation Board finalized several of the smaller details for the Citrus Harvest Festival’s new layout during its Jan. 2 meeting.

According to Associate Planner Ashiq Syed, the event is beginning to take shape as sponsors, vendors and historic demonstrators begin to sign up for the event scheduled for Saturday, March 28.

As of Thursday’s meeting, about a dozen historic demonstrators have already filed applications.

The new layout, approved by the board at its December meeting, will be similar to last year’s linear map focused on Main Street but will move the historic demonstrators to Palm Avenue north of Main Street. The stage will remain on the east end of Main, at Church Avenue, where it was moved last year, after years at the intersection of Palm and Pacific Street.

Also retained from last year, the city of Highland will host the Model Ts and Model As car show while Kiwanis Club of Highland will host its annual car show open to all years and models of collectable cars.

The car show will be held on Main Street west of Palm Avenue, a location the car owners appreciated from last year’s layout, according to Jeff Staggs, organizer of the Kiwanis Club Car Show.

“After some trepidation, we thought the layout worked out very well for us. The owners actually liked it better than the east side. We were better able to park and spread out cars without getting them in the ditches,” Staggs said, referring to the deep gutters on the east side of Main Street.

Staggs reported to the board that the car show is regaining participation after a couple of years of decline when the chamber of commerce hosted the event and split the show on the two ends of Main Street.

This year car show entrees will enter the event by driving north on Palm Avenue then turning west onto Main Street. The car can then exit the event using Cole Avenue to the west or Reedy Avenue to the south.

The board also restructured the festival’s walking tour of the Highland Historic District’s many significant commercial and residential structures. The tour will now be held at one time during the event as last year’s second tour drew few participants. Also, there will be a $2 charge for the tour. The charge was added to help the city offset rising costs for other items in the festival budget.

Tickets can be purchased at the city of Highland’s booth on the day of the event.

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With all these street changes mentioned here it would be nice if you would also post a site map of the area for those of us not really familiar with this part of town.

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