Each year the Citrus Harvest Festival invites residents to participate in the festival activities through several citrus-themed contests

This year's festival included a baking contest, coloring contest, citrus label design contest and citrus growing contest.

First- through third-place winners were select­ed and awarded their blue, red and white ribbons at the main stage.

Assistant Community Development Director and festival organizer Kim Stater says the student contests are one of her favorite parts of the festival.

“The kids’ contests are my favorite,” Stater said. “Seeing all their artwork and knowing they’re furthering their knowledge of Highland’s citrus history and having their families come up so proud of their art is what this festival is all about.”

The baking contest winners were listed in the Citrus Harvest Program in last week’s newspaper.

Coloring Contest winners


    First - Makayla Zambrano, Cram

    Second - Urijah Allas, Cram

    Third - Amelia O Day, Cram


    First - Savannah Ontiveros, St. Adelaide

    Second - Briseida Canseco, Cypress Elementary

    Third - Audrey Var Blarcam, Bonnie Oehl

Poetry Contest winners

First grade

    First - Paige Drofycz, St. Adelaide

    Second - Natalie Maldonado, St, Adelaide

    Third - Noah Casillas, St, Adelaide

Second grade

    First - Beky Gutierrez, Cram Elementary

    Second - Jack Haynes, Cram

    Third - Bailey H., Cram

Third grade

    First - Franco Cerrito, Belvedere Elementary

    Second - Emma Martinez, Belvedere

    Third - Lauren McDowell, Belvedere

Citrus Label Design winners

Fourth grade

    First - Carlos Cermeno, Cole Elementary

    Second - London Asoau, Cole

    Third - Jonathoan Garcia, Cole

Fifth grade

    First - Edwin Valle, St. Adelaide Academy

    Second - Izabella, St. Adelaide

    Third - Natalie Garcia, St. Adelaide

Sixth grade

    First - Mikayla Mendoza, St. Adelaide

    Second - Alexis Landagora, St. Adelaide

    Third - Kaitlyn Franco, Bonnie Oehl Elementary

Seventh grade

    First - Seann Torres, St. Adelaide    

    Second - Paleen Torres, St. Adelaide

    Third - Maria Chalappuran, St. Adelaide

Eighth grade

    First - Delani, St. Adelaide

    Second - Natalie, St, Adelaide

    Third - Abein, St. Adelaide

Ninth grade

    First - Paris Moran, Citrus Valley High School

    Second - Lorena Martinez, Citrus Valley

    Third - Pricila Duran, Citrus Valley

10th grade

    First - Bridgette Valles, Citrus Valley

    Second - Miguel Salas, Citrus Valley

    Third - Ivonne Romero, Citrus Valley

11th grade

    First - Alec Hernandez, Citrus Valley

    Second - Maricarman Valdez, Citrus Valley

    Third - Charles Guzy, Citrus Valley

12th grade

    First - Crystina Ventura, Citrus Valley

    Second - Kaydie Jaco, Citrus Valley

    Third - Logan Keane, Citrus Valley


Citrus Growing Contest winners


    Best Appearance - Pamela Bible

    Best Flavor - Cheri Bronstrup

    Largest - Philip Frazier


    Best Appearance - Pamela Bible

    Best Flavor - Pamela Bible

    Largest - Kathy Toy   

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