Tyrants Toy Tower

During the fourth annual Citrus Valley Animation and Game Design Showcase students gather around the computers to play video games created by their friends, Dec. 10. Pictured is "Tyrants Toy Tower" created by senior Isaac Griffin.

Citrus Valley High School students received lunchtime entertainment created by their peers on Wednesday, Dec. 10, during the fourth annual Citrus Valley Animation and Game Design Showcase featuring student-created animation videos and computer games.

Lisa Tucker teaches the school's animation and game design classes and hosted the event in her classroom to give her students a chance to share their class projects with friends and family.

The classes are offered through the Colton Yucaipa Redlands Regional Occupation Program (CRY-ROP).

The highlight of the event was the animation showcase showing a collection of short films created by the animation students. The short films spanned the course of the semester from first projects to the most recent videos highlighting the students' growth in skill and creativity as the course progressed.

The videos ranged from flip books created with hand-drawn illustrations to animated music videos.

Between showings of the video showcase, students played the many video games crafted by the game design students.

"Our kids are very talented, creating video games I've never seen before and ones I know I could never beat," said CVHS councilor Diana Farley. "It's really cool we get to showcase our kids' talent, and I wish it were open to a broader public."

The animation showcase can be viewed on YouTube.com by searching 2014 CVHS Animation Showcase.

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