Acorn woodpecker

Acorn woodpeckers are one of the many animals that make Aurantia Park, in Highland, their home. Look for them on power poles and the on the sides of trees.

It is winter, and many birds and wildlife can be found foraging in our local parks.

Aurantia Park, in Highland, is no exception.

It is a family friendly park with two dog parks and a small orange grove.

If you take a stroll, you might hear the hammering of an acorn woodpecker on the trees.

The acorn woodpecker, Melanerpes fomricivous, is a little less than nine inches in length. Its wingspan is 13 to 17 inches.

The acorn woodpecker has distinct color markings, with its brilliant red cap, glossy black nape and a yellowish-white breast and forehead.

It is an omnivore. That means it eats seeds and insects. The acorn woodpecker also eats fruits, nuts and the occasional egg of another bird.

When in flight, the acorn woodpecker swoops, as it glides from tree to tree.

It also picks flying insects from the air with its acrobatic flight moves.

When visiting the park, you might also see a 5-lined skink (lizard), a red-tailed hawk, a sharp-shinned hawk, a red-shouldered hawk, cottontail rabbits, scrub jays, finches, sparrows, side-blotched lizards, various warblers, California towhee and possibly an occasional coyote.

Admission to the park is free.

Stay warm and enjoy the wonderful wildlife of Highland.

If you have any questions about the animals in Highland, feel free to email the newspaper at

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