A helmet of a Roman soldier

This is a helmet that will be worn by a Roman soldier in the Good Friday play. It will be performed at the St. John Bosco Church in East Highland, on April 10th. The play will start at 7:05 p.m. Admission is free. Bring the whole family.

Highland’s historic St. John Bosco Church is preparing for its annual Easter play, which is the result of the collaborative efforts of creators Daniel Sanchez and Dianne Torres.

Torres wrote and co-wrote some of the songs for the play.

“We really have some good people performing with us in the production,” said Torres. “Daniel and I are looking forward to presenting our show to the community. Every year the play gets better.

“There have been people that come back to perform with us again and again. They seem to receive something spiritual when they perform.”

Torres is delighted about the response that the play receives in the community.

“We seem to be getting a bigger crowd each year,” said Torres. “Daniel and I are encouraged by the support that we’ve been given.

“When we came up with the idea, we wanted to put the message about the Passion and Jesus’ last day. The play is a good ending to lent.”

Torres feels that the play gives a nice opening to Easter and to show what God has done for the world.

“I believe the play gives a nice feeling to people,” said Torres. “I love this play. It’s my legacy. It’s the one thing that I have done in my life that I am very proud.

The play is performed by a collection of 38 actors.

Eight musicians will provide the live music for the production.

“We expect a great audio and visual show,” said Torres. “There will be stellar vocals that night.

Jesus Christ will be performed by Luis Castro.

This year Satan will be performed by a woman, Elvia Cadena.

Cadena sings with the local band the Midnight Cruisers.

She will sing a song titled “Save yourself O’ Jesus of Nazareth.”

Some of the musicians in the Midnight Cruisers will perform as Roman soldiers.

There will be no cost to attend and watch the play.

It will be presented one night only at 7:05 p.m., on April 10, at St. John Bosco Church, 28991 Merris St., Highland.

In the future, Torres and Sanchez are hoping to bring the play to one of the local auditoriums or playhouses to reach an even bigger audience.

According to Torres the play is getting to the point that it is beyond the capabilities of Sanchez and her to make it a better form of the vision they had.

The play typically has an audience of over 300 people at the church.

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