On Friday, Sept. 15, six interpretive signs were installed at the Old Iron Bridge on Greenspot Road and its neighboring kiosk, completing the bridge's rehabilitation and repurpose as a foot and bike trail.

The signs, created by Stone Imagery and installed by Vance Corporation, share historic information and images about the bridge, the Santa Ana River Wash and nearby Seven Oaks Dam.

Three of the signs surround the kiosk that was designed as a shaded resting place for hikers and cyclists and installed in August 2017.

One of the signs stands at the western entrance of the bridge commemorating the bridge's 100-year anniversary, and two signs were placed on the bridge itself - one looking northeast to the dam and the other to the west, overlooking the Santa Ana River Wash.

According to city of Highland Associate Planner Tom Thornsley, the informative panels and their stands arrived earlier than scheduled, allowing the city to complete the trail improvements on Friday. The pedestals were delivered on Thursday, Sept. 7, and the signs on Wednesday, Sept. 13.

The vibrant color signs are constructed of dense weather-treated particle board and feature historic photos of the bridge and Santa Ana River Wash. Many of the photographs were used courtesy of Daniel Cozad, general manager of San Bernardino Valley Water Conservation District.

The the commemoration plague tells of the bridge's original construction spanning the Mojave River in Victorville and its relocation to Greenspot Road in 1933.

The interpretive signs also inform visitors of the native and endangered wildlife present in the wash, the 2015 bridge rehabilitation, and the building of dams for flood control and electrical power.

While the bridge trail and kiosk are now complete, due to an adjacent water main project the trail remains closed to foot and bicycle traffic. The city plans to host a reopening event once the pipeline construction has cleared, early next year.

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