Sasha Frank

Inland Empire author Sasha Frank made her memoir “Introducing Sasha Frank” free to online readers to provide encouragement to college graduates during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a time of quarantine and isolation during stay-at-home orders, Inland Empire author Sasha Frank hopes to encourage others, especially recent college graduates, with her own story of overcoming challenges in her book “Introducing Sasha Frank.”

To uplift graduates struggling to enter the workforce in this paralyzed economy, Frank made her book available for free on Amazon and Barnes and Noble websites.

Frank said the feeling of isolation during quarantine reminded her of the isolation and anxiety she felt when she was struggling navigating life after college years before. This inspired her to release her memoir of the experience as a gift to recent college students now dealing with the additional stresses of the coronavirus pandemic.

“I want to help college students find purpose in whatever circumstance they’re in and stand on their own two feet,” Frank said. “It’s in standing that we learn to run and overcome.”

After attending several colleges, Frank graduated from Layola University in 2010, the first generation college graduate in her family.

While in school she struggled without clear direction, changing majors and transferring from college to college.

“The time after graduation was not great, but, looking back at it all, it was what I needed,” she said.

“Life after college taught me to stay planted in place and learn to overcome obstacles rather than fleeing,” she added.

She became a blogger on several topics including fashion and women. While writing a series on how women define “beauty” she decided to write her own story.

“I was interviewing everyone else and getting their stories and wanted to share my own story with others,” Frank said. “I saw how vulnerable and open they were being and realized that sharing our stories is how we heal.”

With the book completed in the summer of 2019, Frank hopes her story will help others on their journeys, help them grow, help them learn from her mistakes so they can get to their purpose a little quicker.

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