Straight Outta Bethlehem

Students from the Celebration Kids Choir, at Immanuel Baptist Church, performed Straight Outta Bethlehem, last Sunday night. There were 350 to 500 people in the audience to enjoy the show.

Sunday evening, Dec. 8, the Immanuel Baptist Church, in Highland, presented its annual musical production for their congregation and friends, “Straight Outta Bethlehem.”

The 5:30 p.m. concert featured the musical talents of the students first through sixth grade.

The Kids Under Construction, first and second grade, sang the song “Emmanuel.”

The Celebration Kids Choir, fifth and sixth grade, sang a series of songs in Straight Outta Bethlehem.

“Our church has multi-level choirs,” said Tracy Johnson, one of the congregants of Immanuel Baptist. “Tonight, they will focus on the manger scene. It will be a little different, but it will focus on Christ."

Depending on the weather, Johnson anticipated at least 350 to 500 guests, in the audience.

One of the values of Immanuel Baptist is to be family focused, according to Johnson.

There were many beaming faces in the crowd.

Jeff Yesensky’s twin sons sang in the Kids Under Construction group.

“I’m actually glad when the kids get to go up there,” said Yesensky. “It’s a great opportunity for the kids to perform. I’m excited for Peter [his son] because he likes performing and being on stage.”

Elizabeth Drake said, “It’s festive. They [the children] are performing for their love of God. The play matches the spirit of Christmas.”

Brittani Streit’s sons Wyatt, 11, and Landon, 9, performed with the Celebration Kids Choir.

“This is their first performance here,” said Streit. “They’ve been practicing hard for this, and they got a part in the play. Now, they are excited to show all the work that they have done.”

The performance had something for everybody.

Church member Diana Adams has enjoyed the annual concerts for approximately 40 years.

Adams has no children, but truly enjoys watching the children perform.

“I love this performance,” said Adams. “It’s very entertaining.”

“The imperfections make this a fun show,” she added. “The children have no fear. They aren’t self-conscious about their mistakes.”

Straight Outta Bethlehem was presented by the worship and music ministry, at the church.

Volunteers and members of the music staff also provided instruction to the students for the concert.

After the musical, the children, parents and members of the audience enjoyed light refreshments, in the pavilion.

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