The Band that fell to Earth front man

David Bowie tribute band, the Band that fell to Earth's front man, Julian Shah-Tayler, wore a stylish yellow suit, during their second set, during their concert, at the Lake Arrowhead Village concert, reminiscent of the late Dave Bowie.

(Correction to print version: The date was incorrectly printed as July 20, when it should be July 19. Highland Community News apologizes for this error.)

On Friday July 19, the Lake Arrowhead Village presented 'The Band That Fell to Earth,' a David Bowie tribute band.

A warm breeze blew across the mountain venue, as the crowd started filling up the dance area, open to the public, and the reserved tables, available for a reasonable fee.

With a huge American flag as a backdrop, front man Julian Shah-Tayler, and his four-piece band, started their concert at 7 p.m.

Coming out in a white dress-shirt, black vest, black slacks and yellow tinted glasses, Shah-Tayler and his band took the audience on a time travel experience as they played selections of Bowie’s discography from the 1970s to the 1980s.

The group played some of Bowie’s hits, such as Rebel Rebel, Ziggy Stardust, Fame, Golden Years, Changes, Modern Love, Let’s Dance, China Girl, Jean Genie, Space Oddity, Ashes to Ashes, Suffragette City, and other classics of the rock icon.

Sashaying as he sang, Shah-Tayler’s voice reflected the diverse tonality in the songs that are uniquely Bowie.

The appreciative audience sang and danced along, as Shah-Tayler punched every song with passion, with his compelling vocals.

The drummer, lead guitarist, rhythm guitarist/keyboardist and bass player provided their front man with the necessary chops required to deliver authentic representations of Bowie’s library of hits.

The band’s lead guitarist, Gene Micofsky delivered all the appropriate riffs to accentuate the mood of each song.

“It’s the best high when the audience goes nuts,” said Micofsky.

“It feels good when you make a connection with audience.”

Micofsky played a ’57 Fender Stratocaster, reissued in 1987. It was the first electric guitar that his mother purchased for him.

Josh Martin, the property manager of the Lake Arrowhead Village, spoke of the free concert series that has been offered to the public for almost two decades.

“We offer these concerts to the community to bring people up (the mountain)," said Martin. “People can sit in the grass area at no cost, or they can stand around the gated area of the reserved tables.

The summer concert season runs from Memorial Day to Labor Day, according to Martin.

“We’ve extended the series a couple of weekends before, and a week after, this year.”

The concert venue offers a beer and wine garden to concert goers.

Martin said that designated drivers receive soft drinks and water at no charge.

Attendance during the concert season varies from one hundred people to approximately one thousand, according to Martin.

Ralph Kleitz and his wife Irma came up the mountain to enjoy the music of David Bowie.

“I like anything that’s rock and roll, and I’m a fan of David Bowie” said Ralph. “I love to dance. I was looking for some live music, and we found this. The music was great!”

Ralph and his wife, both, are retired employees from Patton State Hospital in Highland.

The Lake Arrowhead Village Concert Series will end on the weekend of September 7.

On Friday, September 6, Lights, a tribute band of the 70s band Journey, will perform.

The season finale on September 7 will feature Dead Man’s Party, a tribute band of the 80s group Oingo Boingo.

To find out more about the Lake Arrowhead Concert Series, contact Rachel Michael or anyone in the executive office, at (909) 337-2533. They can also provide concert dates, times and admission fees.

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