The Studio Movie Grill in Redlands opened a new experience for local moviegoers last weekend offering full service dinning while they watch and a full weekend of grand opening special events.

Studio Movie Grill, 340 N. Eureka St., purchased and remodeled what was the Redlands Krikorian with luxury recliners from which customers can order from a full menu of appetizers, meals, drinks and desserts and be served.

General Manager Peter Lehmann, who also managed Krikorian, sees the dine-in theater as a unique offering in the area and the future of movie theaters.

“It takes the load off of going to theater as you don’t have to wait in lines or carry you food through the theater. You come in sit at your seat and we serve you at the push of a button,” Lehmann said.

Ticket prices have not changed from when the theater was Krikorian, $11 general admission and $8.50 for matinees.

The menu boasts several unique items to entice guests including coconut battered chicken tenders and Nutella beignets. Lehmann says the chicken tenders are one of the most popular items while the barbecue chicken pizza and the brownie sundae are his personal favorites. The menu also offers burgers, spiked milk shakes, beer and wine.

Guests who plan to order food are asked to arrive 20 minutes early so the food can be served before the movie begins, and desserts can be ordered on a delay.

To celebrate the grand opening Studio Grill established several local partnerships inviting cheer teams from the Redlands high schools to turn up the excitement and the Great Y Circus to impress moviegoers with their acrobatics.

The REV cheer team invited guests in with special movie-themed cheers including one for the Lego movie.

Lehmann says he has been impressed with the community involvement encouraged by Studio Grill. The theater offers a loyalty program in which points are raised to provide meals and movie tickets for children in need, special screenings for special needs children, and, in May, a prom dress drive. During the drive prom dresses can be donated for local students in exchange for free movie tickets.

For more information, call (909) 793-6393.

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