Ringo Starr at the Greek Theater

Ringo Starr and his All Star Band performed at the Greek Theater, in Los Angeles, Sept. 1, 2019.

Sunday night, Aug. 31, Ringo Starr and his All Starr Band rocked the Greek Theater, in Los Angeles.

This year’s band included Sir Ringo Starr, of the Beatles, Colin Hay, of Men at Work, Gregg Rolie, of Santana, Steve Lukather, of Toto, Hamish Stuart, of Average White Band, Warren Ham, woodwind virtuoso and vocalist and Gregg Bissonette, of the David Lee Roth band, as well as, studio and rock drummer.

In 2019, Starr celebrated 30 years of performing with his All-Starr band. The band first performed in September in 1989.

The audience cheered, screamed, sang, danced and clapped, as each member took turns at the microphone to sing the songs that made them famous.

Throughout the concert, Starr thanked the audience for attending, telling them that love and peace is the answer, as he showed his signature peace sign.

Starr sang “It Don’t Come Easy,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Anthem,” “Photograph,” “Boys, Don’t Pass By,” “Act Naturally,” “You’re Sixteen,” “Matchbox” and “I Wanna Be Your Man.”

Hay, who still has his vocal chops, belted out “Down Under,” “Who Can it be Now” and “Overkill.” Men at Work was revived.

On keyboards, Rolie added a Latin flavor to the set when he performed “Evil Ways,” “Black Magic Woman”, and “Oye Como Va.”

Shredding his guitar in all the songs, Lukather sang “Africa,” “Rosanna” and “Hold the Line.”

1970s funk was in the house with Stuart and AWB’s “Cut the cake,” “Work to Do,” and “Pick up the Pieces.”

Ham added colors and nuances to each song with a multitude of instruments. He also sang the high notes on several songs. His support truly completed the band.

Bissonette was the pulse that drove the music for the night. At one point, he built up speed, when he was given a drum solo.

With double bass pedals providing the bottom of his solo, Bissonette’s arms performed syncopated magic on the cymbals, tom toms and snare.

The audience showed their appreciation with loud cheers and a raucous applause.

The song, “(I get by) With a Little Help From my Friends,” concluded the concert, in typical Starr fashion, at which point, rock stars that have worked with Starr entered the stage to sing as a collective with the audience.

This year, Edgar Winter, Eric Carmen, Nils Lofgren, Richard Paige, Jim Keltner and others shared the microphones, guitars and drums, as the audience embraced Starr and his All Starr band, one more time.

One-year shy of 80, Starr still has the energy to entertain generations of fans.

Check out his tour schedule to see when his All Starr band will be performing.

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