Swinging bridge

An excited boy was having fun, running across a swaying bridge, at St. Adelaide's carnival, last Sunday afternoon.

St. Adelaide’s Church carnival celebrated its 52nd year of operation last weekend, Oct.11-13 and had fun for the whole family.

“This is a big community event,” said St. Adelaide’s principal and math teacher, Barbara Malouf. “It’s a big fundraiser for the church and the school.”

“The carnival brings the community together.”

Malouf also said one of the highlights was the grand auction of baskets filled with goodies and other desirables.

Attendees were eager to share their thoughts about the carnival.

“I love that the carnival had fun for the entire family,” said Highland resident June Roderos, who attended with her husband and son. “They had activities for grandma, all the way to the kids.”

She also said that the “event is a good bonding activity for the whole family.”

Josie Schumaker is a parent of a student at St. Adelaide’s and volunteered for the carnival.

“My son enjoys the carnival,” said Schumaker.

Schumaker also commented on food offerings saying, “The vendors make good food here,” and that “there is such a variety to choose from.”

The cool breeze and the right amount of sun made it comfortable for carnival-goers to enjoy the game booths, music, rides and food vendors. Under a large white tent, some of the attendees at the carnival sat and enjoyed the various bands and groups that performed.

The Great Y Circus from Redlands family YMCA performed during the event, as well as Ballet Folklorico, Richardson Prep rock, jazz and soul bands, the Teen Music Workshop, Mirage Groove and others. Rebecca Jiron and Sasha Zepeda were part of a group of vocalists for the jazz band Soul Point that provided a bit of soul and pop in their performances with hits like “Midnight Train” and “I Wish."

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