San Bernardino International Airport became the backdrop of a historic achievement on Sunday, July 7, when motorcycle stunt rider Vicki Golden set a new world record by riding through 13 walls of wooden boards set afire in front of hundreds of spectators, reminiscent of a stunt made famous by Evel Knievel.

The stunt was one of three world-record attempts planned for the Evel Live 2 live History Channel event organized by Nitro Circus to honor legendary stuntman Evel Knievel and reignite motorcycle stunt shows.

The other stunts, including an attempt for the longest motorcycle jump in history, 378 feet 9 inches, had to be called off after stunt rider Axell Hodges was injured during a failed rehearsal jump just days before.

Golden, 26, from San Diego carried the show, riding out of a boarding bridge on an Indian flat track motorcycle ready to ride through the walls burning at more than 2,000 degrees. She wore two special flame resistant suits to protect her.

Organizers praised the airport as a perfect backdrop of mountains, hangars and jumbo jets for the spectacle event.

The heavy Indian was chosen in tribute to Knievel, and it had special modifications meant to protect the fuel tank from puncture and make the bike more fire resistant. To complete the stunt, Golden had to ride at a precise 30 mph for approximately 600 feet and time her breaths for after she cleared the heat and fumes of each wall.

After breaking the record, Golden shared that she was inspired in her riding by her late father, a rider and Knievel fan, and she rode in honor of her father and Knievel.

The previous record of 12 fire walls was set in 2007 by Louis “Rocket” Re who attended Evel Live 2.

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