Postmaster Gladys Grimaldo

Have a problem with the Post Office? Need information on Postal operations? Want to pass on a compliment for the Highland Post Office?

Gladys Grimaldo, the new postmaster here, is the person to contact.

It’s easier than you think. The diminutive but spunky 61-year-old is glad to give out her phone number (864-2163) and even her cell phone number (936-4987) both in the 909 area code.

Want to find out about the broken mail boxes?

Grimaldo says they have just finished installing 30 new cluster boxes and have about 30 to go. The new installations are said to be harder to break into and, hopefully, will reduce the number of thefts. There were another seven boxes broken into just last week.

It’s not just a Highland problem, it’s everywhere, so it takes some time to get boxes replaced as the demand is great and installers are busy every day just trying to keep up.

If caught, it can mean big trouble for thieves. Breaking into mail boxes or otherwise tampering with mail can be a federal offense with serious prison time.

Grimaldo is capping a 32-year career with the Postal Service with her new assignment.

“I was looking for a postmaster position,” she says, “when I got this call asking me to help out with taking the postmaster position here. I jumped at the chance.”

She finds Highland a good match and plans to stay here until she retires.

“I want to be a real part of the community,” she adds. That would be some time after the Christmas season rush. That includes a 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily duty - sometimes even more, handling over 10,000 pieces of mail a day.

Her official installation will be in February and she will announce the date in the Highland Community News.

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