On Saturday, April 15, 2017 San Bernardino County Sheriff's Aviation was requested by Sheriff's Dispatch for a possible hoist rescue of two injured hiker who fell while hiking on the Cucamonga Peak Trail. The sheriff's valley patrol helicopter 40King4 responded and quickly located both. Hugo Rivera, 50, of Los Angeles was located approximately 400 feet below the trail in steep rocky terrain while Hortencia Brown, 42, of Thousand Oaks was located on the Cucamonga Peak Trail at the approximate 7,200-foot elevation. Due to the terrain and remote location of both victims, the crew requested Sheriff's Air Rescue 307 to conduct a hoist rescue of both victims.

Air Rescue 307 responded to the area, determined Rivera was in immediate need of medical treatment and lowered rescue and medical personnel to him. After placing Rivera in a stokes litter, he was hoisted up into the helicopter. As a result of the fall, Rivera sustained serious life threatening injuries and the decision was made to immediately transport Rivera to the hospital.

The crew left rescue personnel with Brown and transported Rivera to Arrowhead Regional Medical Center for his injuries. After transporting Rivera, Air rescue 307 returned to the scene and lowered additional medical personnel to Brown. Brown was placed in a rescue harness and hoisted up to the helicopter followed by rescue personnel. Brown sustained non-life threatening injuries and was flown to a waiting ambulance a few miles from the scene.

Air Rescue 307 crew:

Pilot: Corporal Jon Anderson

Crew Chief: Reserve Deputy Wayne Hess

Air Medic: Dr. Stephen Patterson M.D.

Air Medic: Dr. Sameul Salcedo M.D.

Air Medic: Jim Fagelson

40King4 Crew:

Pilo t: Deputy James Landry

Flight Officer: Derrick Alatorre

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