Mailboxes take a hit

Bullets riddled the mailboxes during Sunday night's shooting at the River Glen apartments on Lynwood Drive west of Del Rosa Avenue.

San Bernardino leaders are accelerating the city’s new Violence Intervention Program following a Sunday night shooting that injured eight people, leaving two in critical condition.

Eight people, one passing vehicle, an apartment and a few mailboxes were struck by gunfire at the River Glen apartments at 1277 E. Lynwood Drive., west of Del Rosa Avenue.

At 10:45 p.m., San Bernardino police were in the Del Rosa area when they heard the sound of multiple gunshots, according to a press release issued Monday morning.

“As the officers were determining where the calls were coming from, dispatch received multiple calls of shots fired and people down,” the release says. “When officers arrived, they found multiple victims with gunshot wounds, some of which were unresponsive. They attempted to apply first aid and called for medical aid to assist.”

During the early stage of rescue attempts a ­hostile crowd emerge from the apartment complex. Officers requested the assistance of other agencies nearby with clearing the crowd.

At local hospitals it was learned that seven adults and one 17-year-old juvenile male victim that were struck by gunfire, along with the passing car and apartment. Two victims, including the boy, are in critical condition. The remaining victims do not have life-threatening injuries and are expected to survive.  

On Tuesday morning, a resident who was walking his dogs said he heard about 20 shots from two different guns.

“We never left the apartment,” said the man, who declined to provide his name. “Our hearts were racing in our chests.”

He and his wife couldn’t get back to sleep for another two or three hours.

On Monday, San Bernardino City Manager Andrea Miller issued a statement titled “Enough is enough.”

“Public safety is the biggest priority to successfully rebuilding San Bernardino. Housing — and the fact that we are a city with more than 60 percent rentals — is a real and major concern,” Miller writes.

“Crime Free Housing must be adhered to in all rental units in our city. We can’t do this alone and property owners must take responsibility for safety in our neighborhoods. This means strict adherence and accountability to laws and codes. No more turning a blind eye to residents involved in illegal activity.”

A new Violence Intervention Program includes a new city prosecutor and a new city attorney. It will put all code enforcement under the San Bernardino Police Department to specifically address this issue, Miller said.

Sean Flynn, a Republican challenging Rep. Pete Aguilar for his 31st District seat, said the shootings, violence, homelessness and crime in San Bernardino must be addressed immediately.

“We cannot continue to sit by and watch as families suffer devastating murders on the streets of our cities,” Flynn said in an email. “I’m calling on our president to put his money where his mouth is. He says he cares about African-Americans and Latinos and wants every American to have a chance at a great life. It’s time to acknowledge that San Bernardino is in a state of emergency and bring in federal resources to help local community leaders, police officers, and social workers get this crisis under control.”

The San Bernardino Police Department is asking anyone with additional information regarding this incident to please contact Detective Flesher at (909) 384-5655, Sgt. Mahan at (909) 388-4955 or Sgt. Emil Kokesh (909) 384-5613. Or if you wish to remain anonymous you can text-a-tip to (909) 953-4673.

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