Former assemblyman Tim Donnelly announcing he is running for congress at Mill Creek Cattle Company on Thursday Oct. 10th in front of the Redlands Tea Party Patriots.

Thursday, Oct. 10 at the Mill Creek Cattle Company former assemblyman Tim Donnelly announced to the Redlands Tea Party Patriots that he is running for congress in the 8th congressional district to replace retiring GOP representative Paul Cook who is running for District 1 Supervisor.

Following his announcement, Donnelly sat down with the Highland Community News to discuss his campaign. 

We then asked Donnelly about the lack of civility in Washington D.C. not only between both parties (Republican and Democrat) but within his party; he immediately said “that the word civility is a code word for censorship and giving up your First Amendment rights,” one of his 10 principles that are on his website. 

Donnelly not only wants to reduce taxes but he wants to eliminate the IRS and withdrawing funding from federal programs he says we don’t need. He also wants the full repeal of ObamaCare, welfare and eliminating government jobs switching to technology that is being used in the private sector.

When it came to veterans and illegal immigration he said California has spent $20 billion on immigration, which could have gone to veterans. Donnelly believes the federal government should eliminate all benefits paid by taxpayers for illegal aliens. 

About the issue of homeless veterans across the nation, he responded: that he works with a group that helps veterans. We then followed up asking him what he would do in Congress in regards to the problem, but he refused to give us any specifics.

Other issues Donnelly wants to tackle are voter fraud, parental rights, land use/federal control, ending the Department of Education and federal oversight via Common Core over local education and the protection of the Second Amendment. For more information on Tim Donnelly’s campaign go to

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