K-rat found

San Bernardino kangaroo rat catured on 21-acre lot that will be part of Greenspot Village and Merketplace Specific Plan.

The Highland City Council approved on June 25 a supplemental final environmental impact report (EIR) for the Greenspot Village and Marketplace Specific Plan for development of a 104-acre triangular site on Greenspot Road, readying it for closure of escrow and entering the permitting stages.

According to Highland Community Development Director Lawrence Mainez, updating the plan’s EIR, approved by the city May 14, 2013, was necessitated by escrow requirements and resulted in the finding of endangered kangaroo rats.

In 2014, the city entered negotiation agreements with TREH Partners and San Bernardino County Flood Control District for the purchase of 21 acres along the western portion of the site between State Route 210 and Boulder Avenue, known as the “Golden Triangle.”

TREH Partners developed the Highland Crossing (Lowe’s) shopping center across Greenspot from the property and entered the agreement to develop the area for residential and retail use.

While updating the EIR, trapping surveys conducted in May and September of 2018 found four San Bernardino kangaroo rats on the property.

After these findings, the 2013 EIR was amended with three new measures to mitigate concerns over potential impacts of development in the area. The EIR now requires surveys for kangaroo rats and endangered birds (burrowing owls and California horned lark) prior to onsite ground activity. Should these species be discovered onsite, the developer will be required to take steps to protect them.

Approving the updated EIR was one of the final tasks to be completed before escrow could be closed on the property, allowing the developer to move forward on pulling permits for the plan, Mainez said.

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BUILD IT AND THEY WILL COME! Keep pushing Highland to move forward. I know lot of residence here that can't wait until this beautiful project will be done. It will be a show case for Highland.

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